Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drawn into the World

Reflections of the world
Through dreamy, starry eyes
You’d have it all
The brilliancy of naivety
The things that stand unknown
The beauty of anew
Reflected in those blues
Dreams may never be seen
Nights to sleep in peace
Catchers drift and sway
Watching over you

Chase the pointing away
Replace fingers with words
Describe the world as is
Categorize, learn, assume
Draw the wrong conclusions,
Your eyes have changed
The color no long reflects
But holds emotions, unseen.

I'm really hoping that you got this without me explaining it - because the way I see it, words should speak to you with your own assumptions of the world.  No professor can teach what an author writes, because so many things can become changed - askew to what the reader's view of the world is.  I'm always open to discussing my work - but unless someone asks, I'll let this piece stand as is.


  1. Is this about a baby?
    The word "catchers" reminds me of parents.
    Still, very pretty =)

    1. Thank you :) You're definitely on point with it being about a baby! I don't write poetry very often, only when the mood strikes... so I'm glad someone appreciated it ;)