Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Girl Nevermore and Other Projects Underway

Hello, bloggers! *waves* It has been awhile since I’ve updated, and… of course, I’ve gotten sucked back into my own little world again. Reality is a real thing, huh? But I miss being connected online, so here’s my attempt at giving a fun little update and getting back into the swing of things.

Recently, I’ve been juggling a lot. My fairytale retelling / apocalypse YA novel, In a Blue Moon, has 12,000 words written and completely edited. I’m working on it in a different process than before, doing each chapter as a draft then editing the chapter five times before moving onto the next chapter. It’s making for a very smooth read. Those 12,000 words? They are essentially finished, just need a final look over from my editor. Which means publishing this one will be a breeze.

However, with my YA Contemporary, Girl Nevermore, I am taking the usual approach, but revamped slightly. I’m drafting the whole thing out (26,000 words so far), and then I will edit each chapter five times before moving on to edit the next chapter. I’m trying to figure out which process I like better.

While In a Blue Moon is essentially “finished,” it also isn’t growing in word count very quickly, since I’m doing a lot of stops and starts. I think drafting then editing one part over and over will be the best way for me to continue. It should feel more like I’m writing the book once, editing the book “once,” and proofing the book once. We’ll see, but I’m hoping this is what I can trick myself into doing.

Both of these titles should be out in the next year. Drafting and editing have become a lot easier, since I’ve written so many books at this point, and since I’ve taken a few editing courses as a refresher (those helped).

On top of that, I’ve started an independent author collective with six other fantastic indie authors. I encourage you to check out our site, I enjoy the books of every author on there, so they are worth checking out.

Tons of shenanigans in the making. Tons of things in the works. I’m excited that I’ve decided to walk the indie line, because it lets me write what I want when I want with nothing but my own self-imposed deadlines. While I’m still open to the idea of an agent / publisher sometime in the future, it’s not a high priority right now. I just want to write. Period.

I think that’s a good decision for now.