My Writing

My Published Works:

My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade - 15k, novelette, appropriate for most ages.  When Terrance's mother comes in through the window, she says, "Terrance, your dad doesn’t want me to show you the world. But we’re going – tonight, now." With that, she scoops him up and rushes from the house. Terrance, a naive yet astute 7-year-old, is kidnapped by his mother. Told from his perspective, Terrance believes he's on an adventure to save the world in this short, witty novella. Purchase your copy on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

Hipstopia (The Uprising #1)- YA Dystopian Novelette
It's been three years since Murphy led the Hipster uprising. For three years, Jay has been by his side. All that's about to change. It starts with the beautifully intense Prisoner Forty-Seven... and a loaded gun.

Purchase your paperback or kindle copy.

My Finished Works:

Hipstopia 2 working title (The Uprising #2) - YA Dystopian Novel.  55,000. 3rd draft.  Editing. 
Jason and Kiera are on a mission to rescue the other prisoners and capture Sky and Murphy. But if Murphy and Sky have their way, none of them will survive what happens next.

Where We Collide - YA Magical Realism/Romance.  71,000.  4th draft.  Sitting.

The Unanswerable (UnSeries #1) - Apocalyptic novella. 50,000.  1st draft.  Sitting.

Good Criminal Heart - YA GLBT Contemporary. 69,000.  1st draft. Sitting.

No Sugar Coating - YA Magical Realism, Novella.  2nd draft.  Querying.

Rioss (Rioss #1) - YA GLBT Urban Fantasy.  67,000.  1st draft. Sitting.

RUHE - YA Contemporary.  60,000.  3rd draft.  Temporarily abandoned.  

My Works in Progress:

Rioss Prequel (The First Generation) - YA Urban Fantasy novelette.  Sitting.

Kingdom of Obsession - Adult Contemporary, Novel. Sitting.

2042 - New Adult Comedic Sci-Fi, Novel. Sitting.

The Underground (UnSeries #2) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting. 

The Unspoken (UnSeries #3) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting.

The Unforgivable (UnSeries #4) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting.

Simon Chesterfield - Children's Series. Sitting.


  1. After hearing and seeing good things about you in the Writer's Discussion Group, I decided to look at your blog here and your Society6 site where you sell photographs. Your blog is great and I found a place to sell photos my Aunt took over the years as she traveled the world. Nice blog. Good job!

    1. Oh yay! I haven't made much money on society6, but I also don't promote it that much. I keep it up just in case. But I'm glad you found use of it :) been a really nice service. Has its own social network that I really never got into.