Start Small

Start Small
YA Contemporary

The Mundane List was my bucket list. I never dreamed it would be the thread that brought my friends back together. It was a wish list from a dying girl, things to do with my dad before I died.

But when my best friend Harper finds it after our senior year, she wants a do-over with on again off again Zain. It’s our last summer to say goodbye. We’ve graduated, and there’s nothing left to lose.

From holding our breaths to shooting off fireworks to climbing a mountain, we complete the items. Maybe before the end, I will tell Owen how I really feel, but since he’s flirting with another girl and pretending I don’t exist, it might already be too late.

To be released in February. Will be available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle, and Paperback.

Content Warning: Click below if you'd like to see, may contain spoilers.

This book contains medical situations, hospitalization, and grief from losing a loved one.

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