Monday, December 2, 2013

New Goals and BONUS: Hipstopia 2 Excerpt!

I did it again - went overboard with the goal creation.  But hey, if I aim high and only accomplish half of what I set out to do, then at least I accomplished half of an insanely long goal list, right? Right.

So, I'm aiming for two self-published releases next year.  Hipstopia 2 is a definite (and no, it won't be called Hipstopia 2 once I can come up with a better title).  The Unanswerable I would really like to get out in October - because horror books in October?  Yes, please!

I want to edit everything I currently have on my plate next year.  This means editing five works - on top of trying to grow my own proofreading business. But I need to get this stuff edited - otherwise, it's never going to see the light of day (and that would make me sad).

I also want to write The Underground (Unseries #2) and Rioss Origins (Rioss #0.5).

Basically, this is a Holiday Wish List to my future self.  Please self, do all the things!

For those of you who read this whole blog post, I have a surprise for you!  It's an excerpt from Hipstopia 2.  This is from Murphy himself, folks.  He and Jay will be sharing the spotlight in this duel narrative novel. 


Before all of this had started, there had been a lightness to her intense, brown eyes. The air of nonchalance even came across in the way she stepped, sure-footed and buoyant. I never saw that anymore, the lightness had been destroyed by something feral, something sinister... something that I had created.

I stared at the glass of whiskey she placed on my desk. Her fingernails were chipped, skin cracking in pink, raw hangnails. She pushed the glass towards me. The golden liquid sloshed around the cold stones Sky had tossed in.

"Why did you let him go?" She asked again. It was the hundredth time, and every time her dark red lips formed the words, I wanted to shudder. There was such contempt and disdain behind the way she spoke.

Looking up, I met her eyes. Fearless and fierce, none of that girl who thought she could change the world. This was because of me, because of what I had made us do... because of all the destruction we made together. "Because I couldn't stand killing him."

She rolled her eyes and knelt down next to me, making our eyes level.  Her breath reeked of yesterday's wine, and her eyeliner was smeared along the edges of her eyes. The white and black striped suit coat, her uniform, was too sophisticated for this moment. I reached out and nudged one of the edges down off her shoulder, revealing white skin in desperate need of sun. The white v-neck underneath was better made for her, simple and pure. At least, the her that used to exist.

"You're in charge now, Murphy." Her words circled around my head, but I couldn't listen. "You have to make the tough decisions, even if it means killing someone you love."

Sky placed a single finger on my knee, tapping once, twice, three times before she stood up. My hand fell away from her shoulder. Sky adjusted her jacket and ran her fingers through her cropped, black hair. I remember when it used to be long. Before everything. "Even if it means killing me."