Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh the internet...

She told her story.  Everything about herself unfolded through words, interweaving and designed together to make anyone passionate about how she felt.  She felt powerful, after reading those words, her words, staring back at her from the back lit LCD.  There was something about it that she couldn’t explain, except the desire.  That was thicker than ever.  She was hungry for it, hungry to divulge all of her secrets in the form of stories.  And she was delighted when people ate them up.

When she met Kevin for the first time, he really seemed to get her.  “Heather, you are so sensitive… but I love that sassy side.”  Her mouth skewed for a moment before she realized it was a compliment.  But it was strange to hear after just one cup of coffee.

Three years later, Kevin watched as Heather walked down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous draping gown that flowed behind her.  She felt like a princess, everyone’s eyes on her, noticing her for the first time as a beautiful creature, instead of a beautiful writer.  Kevin whispered sweetly into her ear.

A year later, Kevin put down the morning paper and winced at her over his cup of coffee.  “Love, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Her eyes narrowed.  They hadn’t had the perfect relationship, but nothing had gone seriously awry.  She was waiting for that moment, always on edge that it was just inches away.  That everything was too good to be true.

“Remember that guy that always commented on your stuff online – scryer?”  Kevin swirled the stirrer in his coffee.  “Well, that was me.”

She thought about this for a moment.  Kevin had been following her for years… Probably ever since she had started the blog.

“It was no accident when we ran into each other in that coffee shop.  I fell in love with you before you even knew I existed.  I loved you so much, and I still love you, and I really hope that doesn’t creep you out, because, gosh, Heather, I really do love you.”

She had no reason to be frightened, or scared, because Kevin was her husband.  She knew him through and through, he was a good man.  Albeit probably a little desperate for my attention, she thought, but that was something that I loved about him.  She smiled sweetly and kissed him on the forehead.  “I only wish you would have introduced yourself sooner.”

So I started this with the complete intention of making it into a horror, but I just couldn't.  Kevin was too nice of a character (darn him for making my brain turn to mush).  Anyway, I figure there are enough "woes of the internet" online and maybe, for once, we should have something sweet come out of a semi-stalker, because really, how often does that happen in real life?  Anyone have stories of a stalker that turned out to be good?  Or a little bit too obsessive internet follower?  Just curious :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lost Soul

estherase photos on flickr
The twisted bones that curled together to form fingers reached into the beetle’s body.  A bloodied bone from some other small creature lay to the side, wielded as a weapon against this beautiful black, green beetle.  Its fingers were sharp, like serrated knifes,and with ease, the fingers flicked the exoskeleton away.  Pieces of green oozing blood pooled underneath the body.  The bloody substance stuck between each piercing finger, dripping around the beetle like snot on a cold winter’s day.

As the bones plunged themselves deeper into the thick skin,the beetle let out one last sigh of breathe before shuddering, dead.  The hands curled around the heart, still warmwith the last beat.  One finger poked inside the heart, wrapping the arteries around its tip.  It torn and shred at it until half of the organ was outside the body, the final vein snapping off with a sickening pop.

Its mouth opened.  God, please, no.  And the teeth closed around the flesh, tearing through the soggy, metallic mess. I tasted it in its teeth, my teeth. I felt it as it slid down its throat, my throat.  And I watched it fall through the gnarled cracks of my body, landing on the sidewalk and oozing out its remaining green blood.

When the ghastly skeleton had its full, it flew upwards into the sky.  The wings beat like hummingbirds, but silent.  Fast and furious, it flew through trees, barely dodging leaves.  If I could throw up, I would.  And then its eyes would land on something else, another creature to mangle, and off we would go.

Being trapped in a gremlin’s body with no control, seeing all the awful things it eats… or rather, doesn’t with all the cracks and holes in its body… feeling everything, tasting it all.  This was hell, and I could only assume that I was a doomed and lost soul.

This prompt was created by Bliss Morgan who does "Nightmare Fuel" (aka "Write Terrible Things with Me").  She does one every single day - and I have, sadly, been unable to keep up between work and editing and my brand new PS3 (darn those video games).  This this image struck me, so I had to.

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