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The Unanswerable (UnSeries #1) - Apocalyptic novella. 53,000. Editing.
Tentative release: February 2015

In a Blue Moon - YA Fairytale Retelling. 90,000. Editing.
Tentative release: March 2015

No Sugar Coating - YA Magical Realism, Novella.  3rd draft.  Sitting. 

Good Criminal Heart - YA GLBT Contemporary. 69,000.  1st draft. Sitting.

Rioss (Rioss #1) - YA GLBT Urban Fantasy.  67,000.  1st draft. Sitting.


Consciousness - YA Paranormal. Sitting.

Unrequited - NA Contemporary Romance. Sitting.

Rioss Prequel (The First Generation) - YA Urban Fantasy novelette.  Sitting.

Kingdom of Obsession - Adult Contemporary, Novel. Sitting.

2042 - New Adult Comedic Sci-Fi, Novel. Sitting.

The Underground (UnSeries #2) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting. 

The Unspoken (UnSeries #3) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting.

The Unforgivable (UnSeries #4) - Apocalyptic novella.  Sitting.

Simon Chesterfield - Children's Series. Sitting.


RUHE - YA Contemporary.  60,000.  3rd draft.  Abandoned.

Where We Collide - YA Magical Realism/Romance.  71,000.  4th draft.

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