Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013

So instead of listing goals for next year (which you can find under my Writing Goals page), I'm going to sum up what 2013 was for me!  Because accomplishments are cause for celebration!

  • Read 136 books
  • Wrote, edited, and published Hipstopia (The Uprising #1)
  • Won the first ever "Iron Writer" put on by the Dreadful Cafe
  • Wrote The Collapse (The Uprising #2) - working title (which also won NaNo 2013 for me)
  • Wrote No Sugar Coating
  • Made my first royalties
  • Got published in my first anthology
  • Proofread three books for two different authors (and actually got paid to do so!)
  • Edited and queried Where We Collide
  • Wrote 182,868 words, or more than 500 words a day on average
2014 will again bring the hope that I land an agent.  I got some really good pointers from a lot of writers and agents on No Sugar Coating, and I'm going to rewrite my next draft of it with those in mind.  With any luck, I'll catch the right person on the right day and finally get someone to represent me.

Otherwise, I'll keep on trucking with the one self-published release a year.  The Collapse is slated for May 2014, and The Underground is slated for October 2014.

And just for fun, there are three photos below from Portland, OR, and one photo from Cape Cod, MA.  We were lucky enough to visit both this year.