Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our two winners for the March Birthday Giveaway month!

Our first winner is: 
Krista R.

Our second winner is:

I will be e-mailing both of you.  Krista will have first pick of the books, and Oloore will get second pick of the books once Krista chooses.  Congratulations to the both of you - and thank you for following!

Stay tuned for A to Z blogging month in April!  We will also have another giveaway - Hmm, I wonder what letter that will fall under ;)

There will also be some exclusive previews and excerpts from my novella The Unanswerable (a post-apocalyptic survival story).  Enjoy all the upcoming stuff, it's going to be a super fun month!

Monthly Recommendations

I am blogging A-Z starting tomorrow, so I figured I would post this one day early!  Here are my monthly book recommendations.  If you feel like purchasing any, you can follow my link.

Poke by Dalya Moon
YA Paranormal Romance
Zan has the weirdest supernatural power ever:  He sees the future of girls who poke him in the bellybutton.  It's usually a turn off, so he's never been with a girl before.  That is, until he finds Austin.  When she pokes him, he doesn't see anything.  This starts the love story where Zan immediately wants to be with her because there is finally some mystery in his future.  This was a fast-paced and very fun novel.  After I got over the whole "poking bellybuttons is a super weird power," it was really enjoyable.

You can purchase Poke from amazon.

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon
YA Urban Fantasy
While I admit there are some similarities to some bigger name books out there, I still really adored Leigh Fallon's characters.  It was a fun read, with tasteful romance, and the main character's love was far less creepy than some other YA stories out there.  Megan and Adam have reason to be drawn to each other inexplicably.  It's a cute, fast read, and I'm interested to see where Leigh takes it in the future.  I am hoping that the follow up has more deviations from the normal YA UF, but I will definitely read the next in the series regardless.  It was a lot of fun.

You can purchase Carrier of the Mark here.

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
YA Paranormal
This was a fun read.  Rachel Vincent gives you just enough description to lead you into the frightening world of discovering your true nature (and who knew that bean sidhes could be cool?)  It's a great first novel in the series, and I am interested to read more.  Definitely on my recommended list.

You can purchase My Soul to Take here.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
YA Paranormal Romance
I feel weird calling this YA Paranormal, because I feel this more focuses on the unraveling of Mara's sanity.  A lot of people leave this book wondering, "Okay, what on earth just happened?"  But that is part of the charm, as the book leaves you with more questions.  It's the first in the series, and it definitely jumped into a good start.

You can read my full review here.
Or you can purchase The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Edits

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Cara Michaels may want my head on a platter for not updating my #WIP500 lately, but honestly, I can't really do it.  No, not can't.  I won't.

Why?  Because I have three pieces that have not been edited as much as I like.  So I'm reworking, rewriting, and keeping track of the new word count (which, yes, I will use, because it is technically still a WIP500), but my word count is... tiny.  Minuscule.

This is why I hate editing.  I feel like I need to be working on The Unanswerable or Kingdom of Obession, not bumming around in the first chapters of Rioss and piddling over my word choices.  I feel like Rioss and Soul Therapy and Ruhe already took so much of my precious time, that I really want to move onto the next shiny new object.

But shame on me.  Because I know for a fact that I sometimes call "Marc" "March" because of the numerous typos throughout Rioss.  And I know that Jessica goes on way too many internal ramblings without enough action/responses in Soul Therapy.  And Ruhe just needs to be longer, the scenes need to have more tension in them.  So here's my wrist slap.  Stay with it, stick with it, and edit it. 

Editing just feels so much like work.  But something that makes it easier?  I got new vinyl from M83, including Saturdays = Youth and Before the Dawn Heals Us (consequently, these are the first vinyls I have ever owned).  Which, for people that don't know me - M83 is my favorite band to zone out to.  It makes doing things that I don't like much more pleasant.  Each week, I am going to attempt to complete at least three hours to editing. 

And last night, I spent an hour curled up on the couch with two cats on each side of me, sipping on wine, listening to M83, and pouring over words.  Wasn't a bad set up, but I still forgot to submit my new word count to Cara Michaels (shame on me).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Post

SkeletonsMy birthday was on Sunday, and I'm officially a quarter of a century old - which sounds older than it feels.

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Old CarThis is a non-writerly update, because I do a lot of things in my life.  Writing is a major part of it, of course, but I also take photos and do random adventures.  On Saturday, my husband and I took the trip up to Charlie Brown Farms in Palmdale, CA.  It's this really kitschy kind of place that's a little outcropping on the side of the road.  It's actually really fun/silly.

FairyI'm including a tremendous amount of photos (more can be seen on my flickr), because frankly, words do not do this place justice.

Doll 5I was equipped with my Lensbaby Scout with fisheye lens, and I must say, I love the creepy effect.  Especially with the doll photos that I got, because it made them look ever so slightly disproportionate enough to really creep me out...  and I'm scared of dolls to begin with (being in that room full of them hanging was like a horror movie waiting to happen.

PandaThough my husband and I probably won't go back any time soon, it was still a fun adventure.  The food was a little greasy, but the shakes (where there are over 100 flavors) were delicious and 100% worth the trip.  I even bought a small statue of a dragon (because, guys, I love dragons).

FairyBut anyway, if you have time, you should check out my whole flickr set because it was really, really fun to shoot up there.  I ended up making some miniatures look huge (like the skeletons - they were tiny), and I actually love that lens.  I hadn't really been able to test it out yet beyond a few photos I took at Christmas, but this solidified my love for the lensbaby.  I'm not trying to be a spokesperson either, but just look at those shots and tell me that they aren't at least fun.