Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rearranging Goals

Self-motivation is tough.  I find that it gets harder the hotter it is outside - I'm personally a dreary day kind of gal.  Give me some rolling thunder and a few bolts of lightning and suddenly, words pour out of my fingertips.

Scheduling a release date smack in the middle of summer was probably the worst idea ever, but I am still aiming for a July release.  I will not be deterred by the sun. 

I came up short on my goals for May (who knew editing a 20,000 word novelette would take up a whole month?  Or that I would be so completely unmotivated post-vacation?)  I had to rearrange my whole goal list for the year.

This month is insanity, but it should get me in good shape for The Unanswerable and keep me on track for Hipstopia.

June Goals:
  • Hipstopia
    Deliver to beta readers (receive feedback by June 26)
    Cover Reveal
    Interview all the things with the two bloggers
    Marketing things
  • The Unanswerable
    First complete edit (BE BRUTAL - that's my pep talk to myself)
    Finish cover
If it was just one of the books, it wouldn't be that hard.  Juggling two different projects has me on edge - so I think I'll dedicate this week to getting all things Hipstopia(n) squared away so I can move onto my apocalyptic novella.  Really excited, but a bit anxious, about the upcoming releases :)

Oh, and this goal list doesn't even include my work on the anthology (September publication).  Shenanigans, I'll have to explain more about that later!

Stay tuned - Hipstopia's cover reveal will happen this month!