Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Under Our Feet

She ran through the train.  Her frame was so thin that she had a way of sneaking between people, ducking and dodging and laughing.  She heard his voice, begging him to slow down, but he couldn’t help but laugh too.  Hers was infectious, she had the squeal that bordered on annoying, but really was just pure joy that reminded most people of their childhood – of sillier times, simpler times.  Her red, long curly locks tossed behind her.  They were bright red, the color most people dyed their hair in attempts to imitate, but hers was completely natural.  Everything was natural – from her perfect, flawless skin that captured the sunlight in crystals and released them with a flash of her pearly whites.  It seemed that she sucked up all the life around her, releasing it back with more ecstasy than the rest of the world could ever know what to do with.

She raced back through the dessert cart.  Laughed and twirled herself around to make sure his beige eyes were still running after her.  She almost sideswiped a man drinking at the bar, but was able to roll around him.  She murmured a laughing apology before hitting the last cart.  She was almost at the end of the train.  

The door flew open underneath her feathery grip and she jumped out onto the end of the train with her arms open wide.  She watched the world float by underneath her feet, turned around just in time to allow those beige eyes to catch a glimpse of perfection.  Her eyes danced with mischievous determination, her mouth in a joyful smirk, her hair falling on all sides of her shoulders, but still framing her peach colored face.  She grinned, “Told you I’d win.”

He walked up to her and tucked an unruly piece of hair behind her ear.  With the world passing beneath them, he cusped her head in his hands and kissed her.  They embraced for a few moments before he pulled away.  He had a funny look on his face, a twisted side-smile that she couldn’t quite place.  She was about to ask what was wrong, but hesitated a moment too long and he knelt down on one knee.  He opened a small, red box.

Words cannot describe how she felt in that moment, but the crystals forming in her eyes were enough.  They danced on their way down her cheek, then got swept off her face and sent onto the world rushing out from under their feet.

Inspired by my time in Napa Valley with my love - he proposed to me on the Wine Train, in the dessert cart, while the world passed under our feet.

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