Friday, August 26, 2011


My feet sunk underneath the surface of the thick, wet sand.  I watched as the grains rubbed themselves across my toes, sank in between them, consumed them.  The tiny molecules worked their way up my feet, over my veins, across my ankles.  My body sank a little bit further into the thick soup, my heels parted the grains and allowed the weight of gravity to take me further into the dirt.  I wiggled my toes and they disappeared under brown, washed, exfoliated, renewed.

With a sucking sound, I picked my feet out of the ocean.  I walked on my heels, careful not the let the sand fall off my feet.  I arrived at a red, plaid blanket, strewn across the beach so carefully that it didn't have an ounce of sand on it.  I considered for a moment, then kicked my feet, flinging sand onto the pale, almost red, boy that lied there.  It covered him with a thud, the brown particles spreading all over his body.

He lifted himself up with rage in his eyes, squinting to locate me for just a brief moment before landing directly on my grinning face.  I dashed back towards the ocean, obscenities revolving around my ears, I hit the ocean waves hard, flowed into them as they crashed into me.  I dove underneath the next wave and lived for a moment in peace.  The air bubbles from the waves rushing around you, making your ears crackle, but behind it was silence - something you cannot hear in the city.  I let my lungs release the air that trapped inside them and swam out as far as I could before popping out of the water.

My brother was standing in the shallows, his face twisted, snarled, redder than the sunburn that he had gotten.  I don't think I would have continued to torture him into our teenage years if he hadn't been so terrified of the ocean.

I find myself stuck again - mind racing, but not settling on any one image, any one person, any one story.  There's a million different things going on in my head, and I cannot focus.  Working overtime last night definitely didn't help, as I didn't even really have time to relax - though, I did make fantastic at home mac and cheese with 4 different kinds of cheddar and almond milk.

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