Friday, January 24, 2014

Giveaway Winners and Update

Congratulations to the two winners, Jessica and Pearl!  I've already been in touch with both of you, and I must say - I've never been so excited about a giveaway before.  I don't know why, but this one just felt better than my previous ones.  I have you guys to thank, of course, for all the entries!

I wanted to take a second to make an update on The Collapse (Hipstopia's sequel)!  I am twenty-one chapters in to edit number three, which means I have seven chapters away from giving a copy to my developmental editors.

That means, I am totally on track to publish by May!

Also, I agreed to do a developmental / line editing exchange with one of my fellow authors (RJ Blain).  Not only is she an amazing developmental editor, but she's an awesome story teller herself.  She's going to whip me into shape with The Unanswerable, which means I will be well on my way to getting that published by the time she's done with it.

Seriously, the girl's amazing.

So congratulations again to our winners! Check back for more information on The Collapse and occasional teasers!  And remember, you can buy Hipstopia and My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade on amazon!