Thursday, September 11, 2014

Update on Shenanigans!

I’ve been busy behind the scenes and haven’t had much time to update the blog. So let me take the time now to inform you of what’s been happening!

First, I published Girl Nevermore, my dark contemporary YA book. You can get it on Kindle, Amazon Paperback, and B&N Paperback. And it got some amazingly fabulous reviews from YA Author Robyn Jones, Bookworm Brandee, and Brandi Breathes Books. There's currently a giveaway being hosted on JC's Book Haven too!

Second, I’ve started a newsletter! The newsletter will have exclusive sales information, upcoming releases, links to interviews, and the best part is you'll receive a short story, ZERO, for free for being a subscriber. The short story isn't published yet, but will be in a month. Want it the second it comes out? Subscribe! I solemnly swear not to spam your inbox with tons of newsletters.

Third, I've been gearing up to publish my apocalypse novella, The Unanswerable. Ideally, I want to publish it by the end of October, but we'll see! I'm not afraid to push back the date if it means delivering a better book. Regardless, it will come out sometime this year, which makes for three releases in just one year! That's crazy and really exciting.

I can't believe I started publishing just two years ago, and I'm also shocked with how far I've come. I cannot thank my support systems enough for being there for me! Anyone who has read any of my books, you keep me going! I appreciate it :)