Monday, December 17, 2012

How it feels...

You know when you first buy a book?  Or you pick up an old book that's been sitting on the shelf for awhile?  You know how you try not to be noticed when you smell it?

That's kind of how I feel today.

Except I don't care who sees me with my nose so far in my book that I might as well be snorting it.

The proofs of "My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade" came today.  I sent two copies to my dad - one will reside with my grandmother.  She's my last grandparent - and she told me on Thanksgiving, "I hope to be around when your name is in print."

And now it is.

Terrance wasn't originally intended to become a paperback copy - but my grandma kind of sealed the deal with that comment.  I love her to pieces, and after she said that, I needed it to happen. 

Getting the copies today in the mail was amazing.  They are thin - as a novelette would be.  It stands at 50 pages.  But heck, I think they are 50 really fantastic pages, and it is only $3.99 for a copy of the book, which will be only $2 more than the ebook.

I say it is quite a steal for 50 pages of good content, especially since magazines sometimes are more than $4 each.

Anyway, you can get the paperback version yourself from CreateSpace.

Or you can purchase an ebook from Amazon or Smashwords.

I will be here in my room smelling my book until I fall asleep.  And if you are an author and haven't smelled one of your books yet, you should.