The Boys Series

Carter Ortese is Trouble

(THE BOYS #1) YA Contemporary

Everyone knows Carter Ortese, or Carter "Oh Tease" as some girls call him.

Everyone knows Carter Ortese's dad died at seventeen after getting his mom pregnant.

Everyone knows Carter Ortese is trouble.

Which is why, during a school lunch, it makes no sense that Emma Williams, the girl who has everything going for her, would sit across across from him in the cafeteria and ask him out on a date. Realizing that she's asking on a dare, Carter says yes. Even though Emma assumed Carter would reject her, she's not one to back down now.

No one knows why Emma actually goes on the date.

No one knows why Emma goes on a second date.

Emma realizes: No one knows the real Carter Ortese.

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Content Warning: Click below if you'd like to see, may contain spoilers.

This book contains peer pressure, bullying, mentions of sexual assault (not graphic), and medical emergencies.

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