Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two incredible opportunities

I figured I would pass these along to my fellow readers/writers.

For Writers:
Brenda Drake's blog is hosting a critique fest.  I'm on the list to be one of the people critiqued, because believe me, my latest piece of work needs all the help it can get before it's on querying level.  The first 60 people are accepted, and they are filling up fast.  So sign up now!  Brenda Drake does a lot of awesome contests (and as much as I want to keep her blog a secret for myself, I feel it is important to share these things).

For Readers:
Sarah Johnston from YATopia just launched her new website and is doing a huge/massive giveaway.  These prizes are well worth it - from books to a $50 voucher to Barnes and Noble.  Seriously?  $50!  What's not to love.  The gals at YATopia are all fantabulously awesome.  So check out her new website and all of the massive giveaways!


I came up with rough cover ideas for my two short stories last night.  I sincerely hope to self publish them in a week.  "Yellow Eyes" inspired by my chalk eating DnD character, and "She's the Bird" a short memoir of sorts.

Oh - and a personal life update - I lost my job.  I attribute this to many things, but mainly, I think it's because my mentality cannot be stuck behind a desk all day.  Has anyone else ever worked in an office?  Did you like it?!  And if so - how could you?!

I'm not saying that I'm high and mighty - "Look at me I'm above working" - because I'm really not.  I actually like to keep myself busy, but office work was taxing on my creativity.  It was hard to balance a creative life and a full time job.  And yes, I am job searching.  But I am hoping to find something in a creative firm - or maybe video games - where my aloof brain would fit in and I could spend all days dreaming of ideas.

In the meantime, I will self publish those two shorts.  I will continue to edit my two finished manuscripts.  I will query more agents.  I will finish my third WIP, Rioss.  I will, I will, I will...

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