Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Last month, I ran a giveaway for a paperback copy of Water for Elephants!

Congratulations goes to:

I'll be in touch shortly to get your mailing address!

Additionally, I am participating in the I Heart YA Giveaway Hop!  I will post on February 13th with details, but please note that rafflecopter will not open until midnight on the 14th (as per giveaway hop rules).  It looks like I'm going to have some fun library copies to give away.  The winner can choose one of the four books.  In March, I'll be doing another giveaway with the three remainder books - so on until they are gone!

In addition, it's been a really long time since I've posted any writing, so here's an excerpt of my short story "Yellow Eyes."  It is based on my DnD character!  *pushes up the nerd glasses*

Telleke bent over me and soothed my hair, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”  His voice was calm, collected, cool, everything that I wasn’t.  He offered his hand.  I took it.  When I was back on my feet, a few steps later, he shoved his leg between mine again, and I crashed into the ground.  The class roared with laughter.

I rolled back onto my feet, hunched my back and glared at him.  I launched myself and screamed at the top of my lungs.  I tackled Telleke into the ground and shoved my fist into his nose.  The crack of my knuckles against his skull sent a shooting pain up my arm, but it was no worst that what happened to his face.  His nose was skewed, off-center.  It was already turning purple.  Not to mention the blood.

I scampered backward off of him.  The whole class stopped breathing , the instructor rushed to Telleke’s side.  I stared down at my hands.  The blood, the blood, the blood.  A flash of my mother’s face, the twisted knots in her hair catching all the falling red that escaped her mouth.  All of the deep red that pooled around the back of her skull.

That's all you guys get for now ;)  Ideally, I want to publish this for .99 or something really cheap.  I really love the weird, random story that my DnD character managed to create.  Did I mention that she has massive compulsive disorders now?  Oh, yeah, and she eats chalk.  She's quite fun to play, though she can't contribute that much to the group.

Congratulations again Janina!  I look forward to next giveaway! 

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  1. Great excerpt! I want to read more. I love characters who are not "perfect".