Monday, April 6, 2015

YA Gets Real: Information

These posts are silly, parody posts of some scenes that can be found in YA tropes. These fun shorts should make you smile on your Monday morning.

I love YA books, as a reader and a writer. Still, there are some tropes that deserve to become real. While these stories are still fiction, they provide a more realistic version of those tropes we know and love.


"One hundred and fifty years ago, the Book of Richette disappeared from the caverns underneath the Crowned Empire. With the Secret Coven of the Black Forest searching for it, we had to form the Sisters of the Eternal Circle to battle against them. The war has raged for years, since the Sisters are the only ones who have access to the Library of Counsel. Without access, there's no hope for the Secret Coven to get the Book of Richette back."

"The Prophet of Alzard predicted that the Book of Richette would reappear on the First Moon of the Rising Tide when Lilith was born. We had no idea who we were looking for at the time, just a girl named Lilith. But then we found you, Daughter of the Second--"

"Whoa," I interrupted, holding up my hands. "Okay... whoa, slow down." I shook my head, my brown hair tumbling around my face, framing my cheeks.

Richard tilted his head to the side and blinked slowly, something he did when he was confused. I guessed the... What was it? Sisters... of the... Whatever, growing up as part of a warring magical group trying to defend some magical thing didn't give him the necessary people skills to understand that I needed time to process all this information. Especially if I was expected to save the world.

"Okay." I pressed my eyes closed and breathed in a sharp, deep breath. "Can you... write this down? Make an outline or a diagram or something?" I peeked my eyes opened and saw a frown on Richard's face. "Look, I'm not going to understand any of this unless I have it in writing. Honestly, it's so confusing, I don't even know how you understand any of it." I patted him on the shoulder. "Give me the essay tomorrow, and I'll read it on my own time."

I stood up and started to walk out of the dank, underground secret lair. I paused at the bottom of the circular stairs. Turning, I forced a pleasant smile. "You know what, don't give me an essay. Give me the notes, the bare minimum, and then we'll talk. See you later, Richard." I blew him a kiss and walked up the stairs, out into the open air.

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