Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Heart YA Giveaway Hop

hop It isn't happening right this second, but it's coming up fast!  I recently stole from my library (okay, stealing just sounds cooler - in actuality, I bought three YA hardcovers, one YA softcover for $3.25... which is a steal.  I haven't read any of them, but I wanted to read them asap and then give them away this year).  It amuses me that I will probably spend more on shipping than I did on the actual books.  (I like italics today).

Regardless, I plan on listing the titles for the giveaway and the winner can choose one of the books to receive.  They are titles that I've never heard of before, save one, and that was part of what attracted me to them.

Regardless, if you want to participate in this super awesome blog hop, click on the button.  Here's the list of rules:
  1. The "I Heart YA" Hop Button-- or Image-- must be a part of your giveaway post.
  2. You must either include the linky list with all participating blogs at the end of your giveaway post OR link to the giveaway hop page of one of the hosts. (This is so your followers can easily see and enter all of the giveaways!)
  3. Your giveaway prize must be a YA book (no gift cards!)
  4. No gift cards!
  5. Please try to keep your giveaway rules as simple as possible! No more than 4 entries allowed.
  6. Your giveaway may only run on the same days as the Hop (Feb. 14 – Feb. 20).
  7. Please keep your giveaway visible to your followers throughout the entire hop by posting a link or a button to it at the top of your blog in the sidebar. 
You can sign up for the hop here:  Fictional Distraction  and also see all the other blogs that are signed up.  Sign ups close on February 10th.  Needless to say, my February month giveaway will be this giveaway :) Each month I will be hosting a giveaway by myself, so if you don't win a book this month - you can win next month!

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