Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Two Teaser

You should all stay tuned to this blog, we're going to have some fun over the next month.  With NaNo happening, I'm going to very proudly post some excerpts, or frustrations (whatever happens to be in my head that day).  Today, you get another small excerpt:

“Yeah, weren’t you?” He took a gulp of coffee, wincing at the heat. “I mean, I’m always fascinated by his sermons, his words.”

“You mean the Bible’s words?” That’s all it was to Jess, just readings. Readings of passages that have already been read hundreds of times before, and warnings to those that decided to stray from the path.

“But he gives them life, you know? It’s in his… I don’t know, just the way he says it. I love it. Greatest pastor ever.” Kevin pecked Jess on the cheek. “I should go help out my mom, you should say hi. She’s running the bake sale today.”

Jess stuck out her tongue. The two things she didn’t want to get roped into, talking to Kevin’s mom or the bake sale. There was something about the way that Mrs. Clifton looked at her that always felt like Jess was being judged. Like that somehow Jess had an unholy spirit, an unholy soul… and that she would somehow corrupt her perfect son. Kevin was far from perfect, but Jess supposed, from a Christian point of view he was very pious.

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