Saturday, June 27, 2020

Carter Ortese is Trouble And Life Update

Hello, friends! Did you miss me?

Here's the brief update on my writing:
  • I finished Carter Ortese is Trouble, which is a free read on Wattpad. I do intend to edit it another couple of times and publish it as a paperback and ebook, but this is will happen likely by February 2021.

  • There are three (THREE) titles that are now ready to be shopped for an agent. I will spend the rest of 2020 finalizing the queries and shopping these to see what happens.

  • I got a fancy new mechanical keyboard that makes all the clicky-clack sounds and it is marvelously annoying and invigorating at the same time.

  • I revamped the blog! You can see my face now! It's kind of weird, but also kind of cool.
Here's a brief update on personal thoughts:

I am incredibly angry, frustrated, and sad. Black Lives Matter. Educate yourself, read Black authors, read diverse books. The system is broken. Listen to one of the many social activists who will better share this information than I will. I'm sharing ideas and stories in my Instagram stories to try to keep my followers up to date with what I'm learning and my own journey to becoming better.

Instead of uniting the country under the idea of us coming together to beat the coronavirus, the powers that be chose to make our health a bipartisan issue and more people continue to lose their lives. I am lucky enough to live in a place that treated the virus very seriously, but a lot of my family are located in those hot spots, and I continue to worry about them on a daily basis.

I am anxious and filled with dread over what else will happen this year.

But ... I am diving back into creating. This is where I feel whole, this is where I know who I am, this is where I thrive. And I hope all of you out there have something to make you thrive at this time, because it is tumultuous out there.

I've also created a fantastic Electric Swing 2020s Playlist, so at least there is some good swing music for the new 20s.

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