Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Drinking

I will be posting occasional excerpts from my current manuscripts/WIPs, and today is one of those days.

Marc turned to me, breathing hard, blood dripping down his chin. His eyes were blackened with thick circles around them, and red in the direct center. A growl escaped his throat that made all the hairs on my neck stand on end.

The streetlight poured into the alleyway from above us, making the whole scene glow with an eerie euphoria. Marc looked ready to pounce on me.  He was animalistic. Noted: Never interrupt Marc’s feeding. But it didn’t help that my body reacted in a way where I was ready to pounce too. With all my nerves firing at once, I was ready for anything that he might try.  And part of me thought I could beat him.

Marc let out a short grunt and narrowed his eyes at me. I could see him, beyond the instincts, beyond the vampire that stood before me, he was there. I focused on that. I made my body focus on that so I wouldn’t lunge at him. He loosened his grip on the blonde guy. The guy looked perplexed, not scared, worried, or anything that would naturally float through a victim’s head. He didn’t run either. He stayed pinned against the wall, waiting.

Marc closed his eyes and evened his breathing. Then he whispered into the guy’s ear, “You slipped and fell. It hurt, but you’re fine now. And no, you don’t want to see a doctor.” The words drifted from his mouth with red steam. The hot blood particles mixed with the air. I was glad I already ate because my body almost lost it on the sweet coppery smell. 

D is for drinking blood ;)  And no, my MC isn't a vampire - though this passage sure makes him kind of sound like one, huh?  Rioss has been finished recently and is currently in the editing process.  I'm actually really excited about this piece because of how complex the story becomes.  There are layers to it, and things that I didn't even realize would happen.  My characters were so strong that they took me on for a ride, not the other way around.  Rioss is intended to be the first in a trilogy, though I haven't even started outlining the second book.


  1. Ooh, so what is your MC, if he's not a vamp?


  2. Very intriguing. I want to hear more. I'm an A to Z Campaigner dropping by to see what you have. Good job!

  3. Loved the extract, I'm definitely intrigued to find out more ...

  4. I just assumed he was a vampire. Cool!