Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Goals Update

Successful Goals so Far:
  • On average, I have been writing 500 words a day - I'm ahead of the goal, but I'm trying to make a habit of writing every day.  While this hasn't been successful, I am at least working on average 500 words a day. #WIP500
  • I formatted my memoir for epub, but still need to edit the darn thing (formatting is a brat).
  • Found and applied to a day job (as a Health Coach), now I just need to nail the interviews - but yay on booking an interview!
  • Finally created several more light switch plates, which can be seen on my etsy.
  • I still have my giveaway for January up.  I will be participating in the YA Giveaway blog hop for February, and we'll continue it from there - one book a month!
  • So far, I've read three books this month and I'm moving onto the fourth.
  • TBR Pile Challenge has been going - I am almost through my holds at the library, then it's onto books on my shelf.
And I added on a new one for Emlyn Chand's "Books that made me love reading" challenge.  The January post for that one will be up soon.

Additionally, my roommate and I made a video in support of our craft blog.  It's kind of hilarious, so I'll share it on here for anyone that needs a pick-me-up!


  1. Wow! Congrats on keeping up on your word-count, AND on the shiny new job!! the video, the dumpster diving was my favourite part ;) ...and I'll admit I've done that more than a few times myself...

    1. Heh - my roommate and I walked by a gross dumpster. She said "oh my goodness - we should take that magazine!"

      I cocked an eyebrow, "Really? It's covered in like... old rotting milk."

      She said, "Yeah, but we can USE it!"

      I face-palmed myself, heh.

      I don't have the job -- yet. But I have a nice shiny interview that will hopefully lead to a nice shiny job (since I really REALLY want it! It would probably be the best day job ever for me - and still give me time to write).

      And I like shiny things ;)

    2. Okay, I don't think I could stand taking anything with old milk on it... I helped make props for a play once and found a builders bin with things I knew I could use... so, the loyal husband stood watch with a flashlight and in I went around 11pm at night.

      Found some great stuff to build a tank with ;)

      Shiny things are wonderful, especially their ability to thoroughly distract myself from whatever I'm currently doing ;)

      Good luck!

  2. You have been crazy busy and I know feel completely lazy! LOL! I just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award :)

    1. Thank you, Crystal! I am so honored! ^_^

      And you shouldn't look at it as "you've been lazy." Really, it comes down to me being desperate. When my job officially "let me go" it was the biggest fire anyone could ever put underneath me. I needed to get out of there because it wasn't the right fit for me anyway, and now I finally had the push to make a move.

      Now I'm doing everything possible to keep writing, find a better job, and etc. I kind of feel like Dori right now ("just keep swimming...")