Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Wishlist - Week One!

I am really excited to take part in Read Now Sleep Later's Winter Wishlist.

It is such a beautiful idea.  The first week is where you post the things that you would like - books and such to read.  The second week, you post things you would love to gift to other people.  The third week, you write about a non-profit for bookish things.  I think it's lovely, and since it is winter, and it is even cold where I live (it's almost never cold here), I figured this would be a great way to warm my bones.

The Books

Apparently, the holidays for me is a time to read really creeptastic books.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is a place where everyone can hear everyone's thoughts?  This is already caked in drama from the start, but then your main character starts getting pursued by trackers.  Oh great, now where could he possibly hide?

The Road - talk about your worst nightmare.  Trying to protect your son in a post apocalyptic world?  Horrendous.  I hear things about this book, snippets and pieces that always intrigue me... And I really want it.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle - you had me at labyrinth and possibly murderous.  Possibly murderous?  Really?  "Possibly?"  This means I have to read it just to know if they are murderous or not, forget the rest of the plot line ;)

Carrier of the Mark - I have seen this book everywhere, I feel... except in the Los Angeles libraries.  (Really, Los Angeles?  Really?!)  I've seen so many posts about it, that I just have to read it.  And besides, I'm a sucker for supernatural romance.

As far as bookish things go, I'm not really in need of anything anymore - since I have a feeling that my husband has finally gotten sick of me using our flashlight as a book light.  ^_^

But after blog hopping and looking at the other lovelies things, I remembered the super awesome nerdiness that is book ends.  Specifically these book ends (thinkgeek.com likes to squeeze every penny from my wallet... *sigh*):
If you would like to join in the fun, simply jump in below and visit the original blog (Read Now Sleep Later) for all the details!


  1. The Knife of Never Letting Go is quite disturbing, but also excellent. I'm on the third book in the series now and I still can't decide if I love or hate them. Ness is a seriously talented writer :)

  2. the road is super creepy. i read a large chunk of it alone one night when i was traveling in paris and it was raining outside. not romantic at all and creeped me out. can't wait to see what you put up next week!

  3. @missbeckyraymond - Hurray for talented writers :) Even if the book leaves you squeamish, as long as it is well written, I don't care - bring it!

    @fishgirl182 - I think I have read less creepy books than I would like. I love creepy books, but I've been on a huge dystopian/romance kick lately (stupid YA romance suckers me in every time). I'm really hoping to change that in the new year and get some more "creep" under my belt ^_^

  4. If you want creepy + great writing, I loved Isaac Marion's WARM BODIES. Zombies, lyrical writing, action-packed dystopia, and romance. What's not to love? Thanks for participating in the Wishlist, and I hope you get your wishes! ;D

  5. OMG, just realized what those bookends are. LOVE! (they should make the ♥ blocks into bookends too... but filled with cake :D)

  6. Companion cubes! I have a plushy companion cube - and my husband and I had a companion cube cake at our wedding (it was epic). Maybe I'll find and post that photo again sometime :)