Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Wishlist: Week Three

I can't believe week three is already here!  The holidays are just around the corner for me - and I soon get to leave work and be free!  Free [for a week]!

With that being said, let me introduce you to Winter Wishlist Week Three!  This is the week where we talk about bookish and literary programs that occur either locally - or I suppose wherever.  I looked into trying to find programs in Los Angeles, but I'm honestly at a loss.

But I remembered the two fabulous places that I personally volunteered at when I was still living in Boston.  They were both a TON of fun.  One is specifically books, the other is books, toys, clothes, and a bit more general.  They have awesome staff and are generally great nonprofits to support. 

Remember to check out everyone else's blogs as well - this has been a super fun blog hop!  You can click on the snowman photo to see the blog hop's full list of participants :)

Prison Book Program is located in Quincy, MA.  And it is exactly what it sounds like.  They send paperbacks on all subjects to inmates, in attempts to get them educated, entertained, etc. while they spend time in prison.  The inmates write letters to the program, specifically requesting books.  Some of them have even been able to get their GED and learn a lot of stuff through their stay.  The idea is that they enter back into society reeducated and more prepared for the world around them.  There has been a lot of thank you notes, letters, from inmates saying how this program changed their life.  It was really touching to be working there during the holiday season.  If I find another program like this out in Los Angeles, I really hope I can spend a weekend or two volunteering there.  You can learn more about them at: http://www.prisonbookprogram.org

Cradles to Crayons has offices in Boston and Philadelphia.  It was really fun working there for a night - we did a lock in program.  Me and some of my friends from Emerson were in the books section, sorting through all these different kinds of fiction and non-fiction for kids of all ages.  They also have toys, clothes, etc.  It's a huge warehouse with just piles of stuff.  They manage on helping low income and homeless kids every single year, not only with toys, but with books.  I think it's a great place, awesome staff, and a whole mess of rewarding fun. You can learn more about them at: http://cradlestocrayons.org/


  1. thanks for the info on these organizations. i've never heard of them but they sound really cool.

  2. That's great! There is a program in Northern CA (http://juviewrite2read.aclibrary.org/) that I have sent a book to before. Of course it has to be a paperback. I happened to receive an ARC of Coe Booth's Bronxwood the same day their librarian sent an email to the Yalsa-bk list asking if anyone had it and could send it. It was meant to be theirs!