Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Song to Wake to

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy... with a bit of Romance

Song to Wake to is the first book in the Levels Series by J.D. Field.

I don't want to pin this as a YA Romance, because I feel like the story line is more coming-of-age.  Maddy Bride, our 16-year-old narrator, has just transferred into Levels (as Maddy refers to "it's kind of like Hogwarts").  And let me just say, as a Harry Potter fan, I really wished I went to a school like Levels (you know, one that actually could exist without magic and such).

Maddy meets the mysterious Eddy Moon.  She is drawn to him, for some inexplicable reason.  This is the part where the book sounds like a story you read before, but J.D. Field puts an amazing, fresh spin on it - but I won't give away what the spin is, you'll have to find that out for yourself.  Through her estranged relationship with Eddy, Maddy finds out a lot about who she is and how she sees the world.  There are fantasy elements to it, but not overwhelming to turn someone off that isn't into fantasy (and enough fantasy to make the rest of us that love fantasy happy). 

I really liked this book as the debut novel of the series, and I will pick up the next of the series.  For those of you that don't want another series book, Song to Wake to stands decently well on its own.  Though, by the end, I definitely wanted a little more.  Which brings me to the only downside of this novel - the ending itself feels a little rushed.  However, I think this was done as a ploy, because now I want to read the second novel.

So, I suppose the upside is there is more where this came from.  And it sounds like the next of the series, Rock Anthem, is set to be released on November this year!

You can purchase Song to Wake to for .99 cents through:  Amazon or Smashwords.

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