Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giveaway Contest! Before I Fall

Giveaway is officially closed.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is a great coming of age story.  It is about Samantha Kingston, who has a seemingly perfect life.  But something extraordinary happens when she dies:  she wakes up.  She lives the same day for seven days, each time getting a new chance to get it right.  It is kind of like Groundhog's Day, but with a teenager trying to figure out the tragic events that lead to her death.

She finds out who she is, who she wants to be, and even kisses someone that she would never dream about.  She races against the clock, in attempts to save her own life.

I received a copy of Before I Fall from when I was working at Barnes & Noble.  We got advanced reader's edition - which is the copy that you will be receiving.  It is paperback, but still in good condition.  I liked the novel.  I feel I would have loved it if I was still coming of age myself, but Lauren Oliver does put together an interesting plot line.  If you enjoy YA novels, you'll enjoy Before I Fall.

How to enter the giveaway: (Closes October 15th, 11:59PM Pacific Time)

Open to U.S. & Canada only.  Will extend the giveaway internationally if you pay shipping.
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If the winner does not claim the prize by October 17th, 12:00PM Pacific Time, I will contact the next person in the list.  I will be using to choose the winner.

If you do not win the give away, you can purchase Before I Fall from Amazon here.

Good luck everyone!

Additionally, my cohort on  Adorning Schemes is running a giveaway through Whimsical Poppysmic's blog for a free pair of her upcycled bottle cap earrings!  These are great holiday gifts!


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    I remember this book's buzz, but, as cool as it sounds, yours sound cooler, so if you have anything finished by the 16th that you're comfortable sharing, do send along.

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