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About this page:
  • This is my am writing / am editing / in the works page!
  • Anything in blue has a release date.
  • Book blurbs will be posted once the project has been edited, proofread, and is either querying or slated for publication.

Am Editing:

Conscious (Conscious #1) - YA Paranormal
While drunk, Madison convinces her best friend Emily to drive her home from a party. She doesn't realize Em has also been drinking too much, and they get into an accident. When Madison wakes up in a hospital, her life has changed forever.

Planned sequels:
  • Aware (Conscious #2)
  • Vigilant (Conscious #3)
The End Diary - YA Contemporary
Megan P. Whitford's last attempt at getting the truth out there, because the truth is all that matters. Currently on Wattpad.

Greener on the Other Side (In a Blue Moon #1.5) - YA Fairy Tale Retelling
Jack the giant killer just lost his beloved Effy Camden to the other side. Racing against the clock, he teams up with the rest of East Valley to stop the witch before she can cast the next curse.

Am Writing:

What If? - New Adult Magical Realism
Alana has written the future, and she watches in horror as she narrowly avoids the car accident that she created. Rushing through the scene, she saves a boy who was supposed to die. If she can write the future, then she can also change it.

Pierce has altered the future before. As an EMT, he had a vision on how to save a dying man's life, sending the man back home to his wife and son. That man gambled away the family savings, taking his own life soon thereafter and leaving the family in ruins. Pierce knows that changing the future doesn't always end well.

While Alana tries to fix what she's written, Pierce wants fate to take its course.

Ferals - YA Horror
When were-cats take over the world, everyone is enlisted to help stop them.

Shrinking Violet (Blue Moon #.01) - YA Fairy Tale Retelling
Cheshire Cat's origin story.

Unrequited - NA Contemporary Romance

Written, not edited:

No Sugar Coating - YA Magical Realism
Seeing the future only holds so many benefits.

Good Criminal Heart - YA Contemporary GLBT
Anthony never wanted to fall in love; it's too dangerous.

Rioss (Rioss #1) - YA Urban Fantasy GLBT with planned sequels:
  • Untitled Prequel (Rioss #0.5) - YA Alternative History
  • Untitled (Rioss #2) - YA Urban Fantasy GLBT
  • Untitled (Rioss #3) - YA Urban Fantasy GLBT
Planned / Not Completed:

2042 - Adult Science Fiction with Humor

Kingdom of Obsession - NA Magical Realism / Romance

The Unanswerable (The UnSeries #1) - Adult Apocalyptic
An airborne Ebola virus breaks out in all major cities across the globe. Matthew and his family are stuck in New York City. When an airstrike is ordered against each city to save the rest of humanity, Matthew has to risk everything on the feral streets for a slim chance of survival. They have no idea when the bombs are dropping, only that this is their last shot.
  • The Underground (The UnSeries #2) - Adult Apocalyptic
  • The Unspoken (The UnSeries #3) - Adult Apocalyptic

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