The End Diary

Two years ago, Megan got a new beginning when Carly Jacobs walked into her life. They became best friends—and then something more.

Today, Megan P. Whitford is done with everything—life, love, and the whole mess of the world. Whenever she tells someone about her relationship with Carly, no one believes her. How could Carly ever love someone like Megan? Yet, Megan is the only one who can tell their story.

The End Diary is Megan's last manifesto, her one chance to get the truth out there—because in the end, the truth is all that matters.

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Content Warning: Click below if you'd like to see, may contain spoilers.

This book contains mental health, homophobia, a discussion on healthcare, missing persons/murder (not graphic/happens "off page"), emotional turmoil, and an unreliable MC.

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