Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Goals

As you have probably noticed, I have a lot going on this month - making it one of the most stressful months since college finals (seriously).

But I wanted to take the time to outline my own April Goals, since I feel like I need to get it off my own shoulders and push it out there into blogger world.

  • Finish editing Rioss - must submit to a contest that ends before I get back from Hawaii
  • Find more beta readers for Rioss
  • A to Z Challenge on this blog
  • A to Z Challenge on Adorning Schemes (thankfully, I have Llora helping me out over there)
  • Keep up with reading/commenting on A to Z challenge blogs
  • Keep up with WIP500 (hopefully writing more of The Unanswerable or Kingdom of Obsession)
  • Read and post reviews from my "to be read pile" challenge list 
  • Finish my April Giveaway
  • Prepare the post about Matilda (the next book in the Books that made me love reading challenge)
  • Script Frenzy with Llora (100 page comic book script in a month)
  • Continue digging up the horrendous back yard
  • Go on my honeymoon (April 21, and I won't be back until May)
  • Submit Ruhe to another agent (preferably sooner rather than later)
  • Find some time to breathe
You guessed it.  My deadline isn't the end of April.  My deadline for everything is the morning I leave for my honeymoon.  April 21st - and it is - gasp - already April 8th

Want to hear my May schedule?  That one is simpler.  WIP500 - write synopsis - edit - query.

Oh, and sleep.  May = sleep month.


  1. Good luck with reaching all your goals! You schedule sounds like mine! Sigh. :D

    New follower.
    My A-Z

    1. I just skimmed your blog - I love your challenge theme! I'll check it out on my 15 minute break :)

  2. Wow - just reading that list gave me a cold chill! I hope you get through everything!

  3. Hi- stopping by for the A to Z challenge. I love the background of your blog! I'd been meaning to try out something similarish with font in the back but ran out of time before the A to Z thing.

    Anyway - good luck with all your goals and have a wonderful trip to Hawaii!

    1. I just upgraded right before the A to Z challenge, actually :) You should have seen it before! (It wasn't interesting, trust me!)

      Glad you like the new layout, heh.

  4. Your schedule is insane! Good luck and perseverance! Oh, and an awesome honeymoon!!

    1. I always was a bit of an over-achiever ;)