Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Update

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I was inspired by 1000th.monkey to do an update on just my life (and goals, I suppose).

My husband and I are gearing up for our Honeymoon! On April 21st, I know it is still awhile away, we will be leaving for a bit. Destination: Hawaii. I’m pretty excited about it. Neither my husband or I have ever been, and it is about time that we go on a proper vacation. We’ve saved for so long (we got married in July last year), just so that we could take this trip without worry about going into debt.

And it’s finally right around the corner!

In the meantime, we both really want to fix up our yard. We came to the conclusion that we can’t purchase chickens… And I wanted to own my own chickens – so much! But you have to have their coop 20’ away from your own house AND 35’ away from the neighbors. While I don’t think anyone would report us, we still don’t have enough proper room for them. Maybe someday, when we get a bigger yard…

We finally sat down and did our taxes – yay refund! Which is awesome since we’ll be able to fix the car and get new tires.

I got a new job. I’m now working as a Communications Editor. It is actually the perfect position for me. It is enough creative work that makes my mind move every day, and enough logical work that I am focused. I actually am in love with this position.  And something additional amazing?  My cohort at Adorning Schemes also got a position at the same company, different department!

In other news, we are planning a trip down to San Diego to visit a good friend and finally see the city. I’ve never been to any other major city in California, so I’m really excited to go urban-exploring. Also, we’re trying to plan a mini-vacation for my birthday (the 25th!  It's my "golden birthday"). We are thinking of just spending one night cozy-ed away in a hotel and seeing Charlie Brown Farms the next day (which is ridiculously kitschy, but should be really fun).

As far as writerly things go, I posted a recent update on that as well, but here's another one. Rioss passed the 50k mark. I’ve made a plan for myself, which seems easy enough. Once Rioss is done (compliments to WIP500 for helping me through this), I will edit at least a chapter a day of Ruhe, then Soul Therapy, then come back to Rioss. I’ll find beta readers for Ruhe, and then secondary readers as well. Same goes for Soul Therapy.

If anyone wants to volunteer. I’m not looking for you to “rate” my writing – but I am looking for honest and critical feedback. They are all YA stories, so if you aren’t interested in YA, you probably shouldn’t volunteer ;)

I know what 1000th.monkey is up to, but what about the rest of you? It is actually rare that I see updates from the blogs that I follow – and I’m curious to see how everyone else is doing.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you're having an awesome time with some interesting trips planned out

    ...where in Hawaii are you going?

    Heh, you could always do away with the chicken coop, keep them inside and install a doggie door ;) Wouldn't that get around the bylaws?

    I have no idea what age is the 'golden birthday', but happy upcoming birthday :)

    1. We're going all over the place. Starting in Honolulu for just a few nights, then Maui - driving the road to Hana and staying at a resort near the south west bay. Then Kauai for some horseback riding, kayaking, and a luau!

      I'm really excited, in case you couldn't tell ;)

      A "Golden Birthday" is the year you turn the date of your birthday. So I'll be 25 on the 25th :) Consequently, I was born at 5:25PM, so everything is lining up ;)

      Supposedly, your golden birthday is supposed to be the best birthday month ever. And so far it has been incredible :)

    2. Wow! Those are quite the plans! And quite the range in atmosphere, too... touristy Honolulu, dry Maui and lush/tropical Kauai.

      My parents are going to be in Kona (on the big island) from March 18-27.

      If you get a chance while you're on Kauai, go to the north shore and do a small hike on the Napali coast. A couple years ago, the husband and I 'ditched' Christmas (with the family) and just the two of us got a last-minute-deal trip to Kauai. On Christmas morning we got up at 5am, drove to the north shore and hiked about... 4.5 hours up to this huge waterfall. Bestest. Christmas. Ever. Even though the hike back down was definitely harder ;)

      Ah, my 'golden birthday' was back when I was a teenager then :) Lucky 13 ;) I hope you have a fabulous birthday month :)

    3. Hehe. We wanted to do everything except the Big Island. We have reason to go back: 1. To tour more of Oahu and 2. To see the volcanoes

      We actually are going to be staying at this cute hotel that's really secluded on the north short of Kauai. I wanted Kauai to be about getting away from the crowd, so while we are doing some touristy stuff in the south, three days will be spent on the north side :) But that's good to know that there's awesome hiking in that area. We were planning on doing something like that then anyway ^_^ Success!

  2. I rate your writing as snazzy ;) Also your next 'mini vacation' should definitely include me. Because, I just don't see you enough. I'm so on a roll right now!