Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bunnicula - Reading Challenge

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For March's The Books that Made Me Love Reading Challenge, I read Bunnicula.  I haven't picked up this book since the fourth grade, and even then I was reading it for a challenge.  But I actually loved it so much, that I became determined to read the rest of the books in the challenge.  I must have holed-up in the backroom for ages.  When I finished my math early (and believe me, I finished early.  I was a math whiz even though I hated it), I was able to sit in my teacher's huge massive walk in closet with a blanket and read.  Talk about a Neverending Story kind of moment.  My childhood mind was delighted.

New Cover
What I thought then:
I always felt bad for the bunny, even though he did scare me a little bit.  Because Chester was right on some level - what if vegetables weren't enough for the little herbivore?  What if he decided he needed something more than tomatoes and carrots.

What I think now:
Old Cover
So steak versus stake didn't actually register with me when I was younger.  I thought Chester was actually trying to stake the bunny - but just wasn't strong enough. I almost cried when I was little because I was imagining the scene so horrid.  But now, I think it is hugely funny, because Chester makes the same steak vs stake mistake that I made all those years ago.  It's still a very cute story, but the cover has since gotten a lot more horrifying. 

I mean - just look at the new cover!  Giant bunny, horrible red eyes, huge shadow looming behind him.  He looks downright menacing.  The old cover, he looks cute, a little scary, but mostly cute.  And the new font!  The new font is enough to make my nine year old self crawl under the covers and cry.

Regardless, I still adore this book.  This was definitely a good March read.  April's read is going to be All the Money in the World by Bill Brittain.


  1. This was a nice little review. It was fun to read the contrast between the times you read this book! I agree with you about the cover, the new one is quite horrifying! :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. omg i totally loved bunnicula when i was a kid. i haven't read it in a long time but it's such a good book. that new cover does look creepy.