Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Post

SkeletonsMy birthday was on Sunday, and I'm officially a quarter of a century old - which sounds older than it feels.

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Old CarThis is a non-writerly update, because I do a lot of things in my life.  Writing is a major part of it, of course, but I also take photos and do random adventures.  On Saturday, my husband and I took the trip up to Charlie Brown Farms in Palmdale, CA.  It's this really kitschy kind of place that's a little outcropping on the side of the road.  It's actually really fun/silly.

FairyI'm including a tremendous amount of photos (more can be seen on my flickr), because frankly, words do not do this place justice.

Doll 5I was equipped with my Lensbaby Scout with fisheye lens, and I must say, I love the creepy effect.  Especially with the doll photos that I got, because it made them look ever so slightly disproportionate enough to really creep me out...  and I'm scared of dolls to begin with (being in that room full of them hanging was like a horror movie waiting to happen.

PandaThough my husband and I probably won't go back any time soon, it was still a fun adventure.  The food was a little greasy, but the shakes (where there are over 100 flavors) were delicious and 100% worth the trip.  I even bought a small statue of a dragon (because, guys, I love dragons).

FairyBut anyway, if you have time, you should check out my whole flickr set because it was really, really fun to shoot up there.  I ended up making some miniatures look huge (like the skeletons - they were tiny), and I actually love that lens.  I hadn't really been able to test it out yet beyond a few photos I took at Christmas, but this solidified my love for the lensbaby.  I'm not trying to be a spokesperson either, but just look at those shots and tell me that they aren't at least fun.


  1. Love your pics. Especially the panda one! That spherical effect the lens gives is pretty trippy.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, Jay! I *love* pandas so much, I was almost tempted to buy this little guy :)

  2. Hope your golden-birthday was wonderful :) Awesome pictures :)

    ...and yes, dolls are incredibly creepy...

    When do you leave for your trip to Hawaii?

    1. April 21st. It still feels so far away, but it's really only three weeks! I'm going to post one A to Z post while I'm there (hopefully) about Waikiki (for W). The rest of the A to Z posts have already been planned -- since honeymooning mid A to Z challenge was going to be impossibly hard to do! :)

      Super excited for it!

    2. Should be awesome :) ...and I hope you'll share some amazing pictures ;)