Sunday, January 1, 2012

Destash Blog Hop

PhotobucketMost of you probably don't know that I help run Adorning Schemes with my cohort, house mate, and best friend (or heterosexual life mate) Lorelai.  We had so much junk floating around our house that her boyfriend (my brother-in-law) and my husband were getting very frustrated.

We kept making excuses - "No!  There's so many awesome things we can do with a used pillowcase!"  But we finally had to admit:  There were just too many things for us to nearly complete all of our desired projects.  With my writing and reading goals, it seemed a little impossible to finish most of what I had started.

So we came up with the Destash Hop idea.  This is Week One.  As such, you post about what you are purging - click on the button for more details and to sign up.  You can sign up any time, it's lasting all January.

My Purge:
  • Old PlayStation and XBox video games, listed on Amazon, actually sold a few of them for some decent cash.  Sold some of them at NextGen and put that money towards new games for the New Year.  Bonus:  I traded in my old XBox that was just collecting dust!
  • Full Screen DVDs:  Who on earth uses Full Screen anymore?  Who knows, but the quality is terrible now that we have a blue ray player and a nice TV.  Managed on getting about $15 back on all of them.  Some I managed to trade into for credit, but I tried to take them to Amoeba first (they didn't accept 1/2 of the ones that amazon did).
  • Lorelai and I gave a few things that we couldn't sell over to Goodwill.  I donated two text books that cost me $100 each when I first got them - they are now for sale used for pennies.  I figured it would be better to donate them at this rate.
  • Old books:  Surprisingly, a few of the ones I had sold fast.  One of the ones I had I managed on making $3 off of the original price - that doesn't sound like a lot, but when you want cash fast, it's nice to make money instead of losing it.
Do you want to sign up?  You still can!  All throughout January, we are encouraging people to do some early spring cleaning/destashing and "shedding" 2011 once and for all!  Good luck, everyone!

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